11 year old doe who just had twins in February

How we got started

About 30 years Carolyn was looked for a horse and found one she liked.  She made several visits to look at the horse and ride him.  The owner was an elderly man who would set up a lounge chair in the pasture and watch his animals.  He had a tame goat named Sissy that would lie next to him.  Carolyn would sit with him and pet Sissy.  Carolyn bought the horse.  Several months later the man was a patient in the hospital where she worked; she went to visit him and took him a picture of the horse. The man was transferred to another facility and died soon after.  A few weeks later his wife called and said after Carolyn visited her husband in the hospital, he told her if anything happened to him, she was to make sure that girl got Sissy.  We readily agreed to take Sissy, when we got to the farm to pick her up, the lady said she did not know what she was going to do with the other 12 goats, Ed said he would buy them.  We left with 13 goats and 7 turkeys. From that start, we moved to Spanish, boar crosses before settling on Kikos.  These we have found to be the best for our area and easiest to maintain.

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